Day 2 – Off To A Slow Start


As much as I would love to say that I have started this New Year off on the right foot, it would be a complete lie.  I don’t know if it is the cold weather, the huge amount of work sitting on my desk from the holidays, or that certain “time of the month” that decided to show up today, but my motivation has just gone down the drain.

I had every intention of being good today.  I started my day off with my coffee and banana and plenty of water.  Then lunch time came around and of course they had enchiladas today at work (one of my weaknesses).  I was good until that mid-afternoon lull hit me.  (Usually at this time I would be pigging out on some sweets that we always have laying around in the office.)  The temptation got the best of me and I broke down and had some Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.  I wasn’t lying when I said that sweets will be the hardest thing that I have to give up.

I packed my workout clothes this morning along with my protein shake as I planned on going to the gym after work with my husband.  Well little did I know that the amount of work I needed to do today would overwhelm me and I would end up taking it home and skipping the gym.  I know that taking 30 minutes to go to the gym would have probably helped me to feel more relaxed but I just could not bring myself to postpone working a little bit longer.

Dinner, consisted of a little bit of sushi and some meat and potatoes and of course a handful of candy to share with my Husband. Like I said, motivation for today has just gone out the window.  I know this is going to be a tough road and if I want it bad enough then I am going to have to focus and get on track.  I know how to lose the weight and I know how to be healthy… I just need to have a heart to heart with myself and realize what is important to my and why I want to do this.

Am I disappointed in myself today….. yes, very much so.  But we have to learn from our mistakes and use them to help make us stronger.  I do not expect to be perfect from day one, but I do expect to not give up and keep trying day in and day out!


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